Search and Rescue with RPA Course

  • Brisbane & Sydney
  • Last Update: 01/2019

2 Day


Brisbane & Sydney

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Course Description

An advantageous perspective, the latest technology, software and deployment techniques are incorporated into this innovative course. If you or your institution wish define or improve your current deployment standards, this course examines advanced flight manoeuvres, mission planning, management and deployment techniques. One on one, hands on format allows the student to receive custom instruction from trainers.

The breakdown:

  • Theory
  • Practical- 8Hrs of field training
  • Emergency search simulation scenario
  • Coastal/Forestry location training
  • Night-VLOS field training

Why this Course?

Why get this RPA Fundamentals Training

Take advantage of these revolutionary platform’s ample capabilities and operate them with a clear understanding of airspace limitations and safety behind night time deployments.


After completion of this course you can:

Provided you hold an ReOC:

  • Plan, Manage and Conduct night time operations

What are the outcomes?

  • Sub 7kgs fixed wing type training

  • Certificate of course completion

What do we teach?

  • Operational training:

    • Operations over water.
    • High wind ops training.
    • Conducting a stable flight.
    • Quick descend protocols & Operational procedure.
    • Landing on a moving vessel.
    • Maintaining a desired flight path with no ground references.
    • Camera setting adjustment for spotting & detection. (for sharks & SAR ops)

    Equipment cleaning, care and maintenance:

    • Perform General cleaning post flight – over saline water.
    • General upkeep of the RPA (P4) and maintenance techniques.
    • Safely removing sand particles.

    Logbook maintenance systems:

    • Methods on how to log time on RPA, batteries using a digital bar-coding system. (Ace developed cloud based solution)
    • Paper based log book system and tally data.

    Risk Management in Coastal/Forestry areas:

    • Basic rules of operations on the beaches around Australia.
    • Operation in populous areas.
    • The 30m & 15m rule around beaches.
    • Rules surrounding operations around sharks & whales.
    • How to look up regulation for operation on certain beaches. (when controlled)
    • Posting signage & announcements.
    • Planning risk for beach operations.
    • Operations around vessels.
    • Identifying safe T/O & Landing areas around the beach.
    • Night ops training around beaches for SAR.
    • High wind operations.
    • Understanding the RPA’s limits.
    • Identifying safety zones for RPA operations.
    • Conducting risk assessment.
    • Identifying suitable weather.
    • Crowd management.
    • Identifying various Shark species on an On-Screen Display. (Simulation) for identification & reporting purposes.
    • Close proximity operations.

    Rip detection

    • Usage of Dye for Rip current pattern tracking
    • Time lapse content creation training.
    • Water patch colour Identification for indication for a Rip
    • Areas of breaking waves- Identification

    Red & Yellow flag identification for breach & SAR.

Why Ace Aviation & not others?

Ace aviation academy has been commissioned to cater to both domestic & international students who come to train with us from all over the world.

Quality & compliance is paramount to us and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

  • All our trainer’s come from aviation background and are highly experienced! (From manned aircraft pilots to Aerospace engineers.)
  • Our teaching is not just limited to covering CASA’s syllabus.
    • We teach you how to Flight Plan (Risk management for VLOS operators)
    • How to use state of the art EFB, Oz runways.
    • How to stay compliant during day to day operations.
    • Student pricing on Drones which no one else offers.


  • Sub 7kgs fixed wing type training
  • Certificate of course completion

Why are our prices lower that the others?

We deal with a large volume of students and all our training for AROC & AELP is done in house and nothing is outsourced.

Through this business model, we are able to pass the benefits to our students.

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