RPAS Foundation Program (RFP)

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  • Last Update: 01/2019

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Course Price

2 hours

Field Activity

Who is This course is designed for

Drones are here to stay and are going to become a part of our day today life either in an active or a passive way in the future whether we like it or not.

This industry leading program is designed to develop understating of the following pivotal aspects of Sub 2kgs RPA operations:

  • Australian Air law for RPA operations
  • Safe operation of drones (Common mistakes rookie pilots make..etc)
  • General DYI RPA maintenance & care
  • LiPo Battery management (Operation, storage & transpiration)
  • Understanding of how manned aircrafts operate around aerodromes ( 1hr manned flight experience)
  • 0 hours of RPA field training. (Transferable to your drone pilot’s licence)
  • Consultation on how to set up your own drone/RPA business.

Why take this program?

This program has a certificate outcome and is suitable for people from any industry, for all ages.


If you are thinking on adding a futuristic touch to your resume or looking to start from the ground floor, this program is just suitable for you!


This course is aimed at individuals who are drone novice and looking to test drive the industry or simply understand how to set up the drone that have just been bought from a retails store.


We will provide a comprehensive session on everything you need to know to fly, control and maintain your drone. We will also train you on the practical aspects of Australian Aviation Laws to support your journey into safe and low risk drone piloting.  

Does it add value to my career?

Yes, it certainly does. It is another futuristic program worth mentioning with in your C.V as we include key aspects which industry keeps an eye on.

What are the outcomes?

  • Become eligible for Drone insurances upon finish this course
  • Certificate of participation.
  • $500 credit towards your future training with ACE AVIATION (If you decided to obtain the full RePL licence)

Why ACE AVIAITON ACADEMY & not others?

Ace aviation academy has been commissioned to cater to both domestic & international students who come to train with us from all over the world.

Quality & compliance is paramount to us and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

  • All our trainer’s come from aviation background and are highly experienced! (From manned aircraft pilots to Aerospace engineers.)
  • Our teaching is not just limited to covering CASA’s syllabus.
    • We teach you how to Flight Planning (Risk management for VLOS operators)
    • How to use state of the art EFB, Oz runways.
    • How to stay complaint during day to day operations.
    • Teach you how to make REAL radio calls to the control tower (our manned flight experience)
    • Provide you with the “Free refreshers class option” where you can come and join our regular classes for free if you are in doubt.
    • Student pricing on Drones which no one else offers.


Why are our prices lower that the others?

We deal with a large volume of students and all our training for AROC & AELP is done in house and nothing is outsourced.

Through this business model, we are able to pass the benefits to our students.

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