Remote Pilot's Licence - (RePL + Express ReOC) + Type endorsement + Cert III

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  • Last Update: 03/2019

Course Description

Whether you are an individual looking to start your own RPA business or a company looking to incorporate drones into their existing operations, this program is tailored to meet your needs. The RePL- advance is the Industry’s first & only program to equip you with all the licences, certifications & training available to operate commercially. This program is specially designed to give you the following outcomes:
  • RePL Licence (Incl. AROC & AELP)
  • Type training (Which means you can operate a bigger multi-copter upto 25kgs or a fixed wing RPA up to 7kgs)
  • ReOC consultation, where we help you prepare all the required documentations for your ReOC.
We have designed this program in such a way that individuals from any background who wish to take up this course can finish all their training at our campus in 7 days.

Why get a ReOC?

Ace Aviation specialises in training candidates for success. Our aim is to provide quality consultation services and help you from start to finish. Whether you are a company or an individual applying for an ReOC, we will work with you as a partner to understand your business and provide a personalised service suited to your needs.

We don’t just offer consultation, we also help prepare the requisite paperwork for your ReOC.

Step 1. You finish your RPA pilot training with ACE AVIATION
Step 2. Our RPA consultation team will get in touch with you and will work closely to understand your business, plans etc and request documents to start work on your ReOC.
Step 3. In approximately 10-12 days, we will have the ReOC application (Includes Manuals, libraries, evidences & forms) ready for submission.
Step 4. You submit the prepared ReOC applications to CASA or opt to work with a CASA delegate through us.

What do we teach?

In this course, we cover the following topics:

  • Air law
  • Aviation Metrology
  • Avionics systems & Sub systems
  • Human factors
  • Risk analysis & management
  • LiPO battery management
  • Rules of safe operations
  • Navigation
  • Flight planning & compliance (Unique to ACE)
  • Radio operations theory

What are the outcomes?

You will not only become a competent RPA operator, but you will receive the following:

  • RePL Licence
  • Type training (Multirotor Sub 25kg)
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  • Express ReOC (Includes CASA Fees)
  • Ozrunways software training.
  • 30 mins of manned flight log time
  • Certificate III in Aviation (AVI30316)

What’s next after this course?

After this program, you may wish to do the following specialisations and obtain higher type ratings through CASA.

  • AG Specialisation (Incl. Sub 25kgs type training)
  • Mapping & Surveying Specialisation (Incl. Sub 7kgs type training on a fixed wing RPA)
  • Photo & Film Specialisation (Incl. Sub 25kgs type training).

You can combine the above specialisations with the RePL advanced program.

Why Ace Aviation & not others?

Ace aviation academy has been commissioned to cater to both domestic & international students who come to train with us from all over the world.

Quality & compliance is paramount to us and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

  • All our trainer’s come from aviation background and are highly experienced! (From manned aircraft pilots to Aerospace engineers.)
  • Our teaching is not just limited to covering CASA’s syllabus.
    • We teach you how to Flight Planning (Risk management for VLOS operators)
    • How to use state of the art EFB, Oz runways.
    • How to stay compliant during day to day operations.
    • Teach you how to make REAL radio calls to the control tower (our manned flight experience)
    • Provide you with the “Free refreshers class option” where you can come and join our regular classes for free if you are in doubt.
    • Student pricing on Drones which no one else offers.

Why the Manned flight experience?

Our RePL program includes a 30 min flight experience on a light fixed wing aircraft.

We have introduced this module so that RPA operators who come from various backgrounds with no prior aviation knowledge understand how manned aviation works and get to experience it.

Through this experience, our students are able to experience:

  • Air traffic at controlled airspace.
  • Legs of a circuits and their importance. (From a pilot’s perspective)
  • Practical understanding of how AV Radio units work
  • Runways in use, wind sock, control tower etc.
  • How pilots operate around an airfield
  • Make their first real radio calls to the tower
  • And much more!




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  • Remote Pilot's Licence - (Sub 25kg)
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  • Type training (Multirotor Sub 25kgs or Fixed wing RPA Sub 7kgs endorsement)
  • Certificate III in Aviation (AVI30316)
  • Express ReOC (Includes CASA Fees)
  • 1 Year subscription to OzRunways
  • Free Refresher Course
  • 30 min Manned Flight Experience

Why are our prices lower that the others?

We deal with a large volume of students and all our training for AROC & AELP is done in house and nothing is outsourced.

Through this business model, we are able to pass the benefits to our students.

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